Thursday, August 25, 2016

I Went Camping

Each student created an imaginary story about a camping trip.  Kindergarten  drew pictures to brainstorm and then dictated their story to Mrs. Murray.  1st grade wrote his/her story in his/her journal.  Enjoy!

My mom and I went camping.  We went to the lake and went swimming.  We ate grapes.  We looked at the birds.  We smelled the flowers. 

I went camping.  I parachuted off a mountain.  I found a dinosaur in my tent.  He said, “This in MY tent now!” He called a bunny.  The bunny said, “I can’t come.  I’m eating a carrot.” 

I went camping.  I’m trying to get in my tent, but I’m too big.  Three pigs came along with me.  I didn’t have a lantern or any light.  My mom and dad didn’t want me to go by myself, but I went anyway.  

My dad started the fire and we made s’mores.  Dakota had to go to bed at 7:00.  My dad and I slept in the tent. 

 I was sleeping in my tent and I went fishing.  I caught a fish.  A wolf came into camp.  He smelled my fish and ate it, so I had to catch another one.

I went camping.  I went with Nana, my Dada, my Mommy, and Cody.  A moose came running in.  My family went running after it, but my brother and I were sleeping in the tent.  Then my mom came running back because she was scared.  

I went camping and I pitched the tent.  There was a wolf.  I caught a fish.  I brought a stuffed animal bear. 

I went camping and I brought a tent.  It was pink and black.  I brought a bear to my tent.  I brought a stuffed skunk.  I brought a lamp. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

...Go Fund Me Update...

We had another contribution donated to our Go Fund Me account, so I was able to order 4 more AR books.  This brings our total to 29 BOOKS that our students have access to. Our AR scores have rocketed as all of the students have been on a “reading frenzy.”  This has been such an exciting time as a teacher!  I love watching the students devour book after book and develop into successful readers as a result.  

If you would still like to contribute, the Go Fund Me account is still open.   Simply go to, type in the Alma zip code, and my account titled "Accelerated Reading Books."

Friday, November 20, 2015

Today K & 1 visited the farm of one of our students.   We learned how to milk a goat and were able to feed the chickens as well!  This field trip tied into our agriculture unit.  We learned a lot! 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

We had a special visitor today.  One of the students brought in a horned toad, that her incredible mother caught in their driveway (because moms are just awesome like that!)  We talked about God's design of creating them with spikes and camouflage for protection, and claws for digging.  It was a fun mini-lesson!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Let's do Lunch!

Texture: the element of art that refers to

the way things feel, or look as if you could

feel if touched

In art class, we learned about the concept of texture in art, then built beautiful 3-foot sandwiches that any New Yorker would envy.  You can see these gorgeous sandwiches displayed in the downstairs hallway, just outside the gym.